Crunch Week

This is My March Personal March Madness Week! I have many things going on, starting with two meetings today, two classes, and too much homework and studying that needs to be done. A lot of stuff will be due this week, so I am running around trying to finish up everything as soon as possible. I am conducting primary research for two classes: one for an organization on campus, the international students and scholars services office, and the other for a business downtown Dayton. In addition to that, the time has come for me to finally present my own 15 month long independent research that I have done in Kosova. So, I have to prepare for my presentation that will be this Friday, the 23rd, at the Kennedy Union Room 222 at 1pm. Following that, the Honors Department will host a reception to honor all the Honors student presenters. As soon as that is done, I will go in a frenzy to prepare for the international festival, organize the whole UD International Club (UDIC) team and make sure that all the committees are where they should be in terms of preparation and duties that needed to be fulfilled. Busy - busy week! But, very exciting!