Dayton, I fell asleep beneath the flowers!

Oh no! We didn't fall asleep at all during Lupe Fiasco's concert at UD this Saturday. What a personality, he truly put a great show on at the UD Arena. And, how awesome it is that I got to see him right up close?! My friend, who is the president of UD's Charity Concert Committee (CCC) made sure to find us first row tickets. Basically, I got to see Lupe's cute shoes! His performance was nothing short of incredible! It is the best I have seen so far and I think I've seen quite some. I had heard from friend's that he is excellent on stage - but, hey, I never have seen anyone rock those dreads better than him. He truly knows how to fire-up the night. He definitely did on Saturday, as UD students were screaming out his name throughout the night. As a not of a huge fan of hip-hop, I went to the concert just because my roommate really wanted to go. Even more a part of the proceeds from the concert benefit the boys and girls club of Dayton and so I thought $20 to see someone as big as Fiasco was great. If nothing, I thought it would be a fun night with friends. Wow, was I up for a surprise?! His passion about life, his lyrical messages, and what he sings about blew me away - definitely showing me a different hip-hop from the usual. What a great week to perform at UD! He announced on Saturday that we will be hearing some new stuff from him in a week or so! Big kudos to the outstanding CCC crew who organized the event and brought him to UD.