Dear UD

I have often written on my blogs, said to current students, as well as prospective ones that I wish I could hug you. A hug would probably be the closest expression of my feelings towards this beautiful university. It is true that I fell in love with the redbrick buildings and greenness of the campus at my first sight of campus. However, I was oblivious to what lied underneath all that gorgeousness. After four years as a student here, I am beyond grateful to say that you are far more beautiful to me after these years, as I have had the privilege of experiencing your uniquely friendly and compassionate community – truly, one of a kind – your outstanding and challenging academics, super fun organizations and clubs, and have had the honor of serving this place dedicatedly. Having had the chance of living at each corner of the university, by beginning my years enjoying the openness of the Marycrest dorm, to the fun Woodland’s Woodstock, and all the way to being next door neighbors with Ben n’ Jerry on Iriving, has made my experience and knowledge of UD even more holistic – making me feel as I almost managed to give you one big hug. Though, as all good things come to end, so it is that soon I too will need to leave you my precious. I assure you that the positive effect that your closely knitted community has had on my view of life, the excellent skills I have acquired through the rigorous business academics, and the leadership I have practiced in various organizations and clubs, will be a significant asset to me and will help me contribute all the best to serving humanity, and especially my new country. How unfortunate it is that words like “I will miss you” are too short and small, and will fail to express how I feel for having to eventually leave behind this exceptional place. I find peace in the thought that I will take with me my unique and cherished experiences, will continue to reminisce them with my UD friends all around the world, and always remain grateful for your existence and the generous gift you choose to grant me. To say “you have changed my life” would not be fair, you truly “have changed me”. Always thankful for your gift, Annea