Dinner at R.I.S.E

Following Ben Mezrich's talk at R.I.S.E, I went to the forum dinner, with one of the future UD International Club (UDIC) officers, and two of my best friends. We had such a great dinner, talking and catching up with our future plans, that we were the last to leave the UD Arena. We basically closed the first day of the conference because we were having such a great time. One of my friend's already has a job in Dayton with a non-profit and that is what she wants to do. My other friend, he is looking into more international opportunities, but at the same time he doesn't want to leave UD! So, we will have to see what he will decided. The other one, the future UDIC officer, he is a sophomore. He was discussing his choice of major with us, since he too is a business student, so we were giving him our perspectives on the various majors. We were all very happy that we got to go to the conference, in-spite of our very busy schedules.