Doing Ethos again? Oh, yeah!

We do this all the time at UD, have dinner with friends. Today, one of my good friends from Freshman year texted me and invited me for dinner at his house. He lives more towards the center of campus, by the Recreational Plex (Rec Plex- make sure to check it out once you come visit!), whereas I live at the end of the campus. He had prepared rice and vegetables and we ate dinner until he had to go to class. It was great to catch up with him. He is currently only taking one class at UD, because he is working full time at an Engineering company. The one class that he is taking is called ETHOS. And, I was very surprised that he is taking that because I thought he had already done the ETHOS immersion. ETHOS is an engineering, couple of weeks, international program that UD students love. I have had friends who have gone all over the world, Latin America, Africa, Asia. My friend has already gone to Guatemala two years ago, but this year he is going for ten weeks in India, to work with a solar panel company. This project is designed to help poor countries utilize their sustainable resources for improving living conditions. He was very excited about that and he said that he is practicing his Hindi and learning about the culture and traditions.