" When I applied for the UD bloggers position, I wrote that my blogs would be a combination of experiences at the University of Dayton, at home, and journeys. I would also share thoughts about the differences and similarities in certain fields of life back home, in Kosova, and at UD.

This blog about Dokufest, the international documentary and short film festival, goes in the ""back home"" category. It was launched in 2002 and is a week long festival in Prizren, for certain, the most ancient and most beautiful cities in Kosova, where the 18th & 19th century Kosovar architecture is still apparent and amid those, Roman cathedrals, monasteries, and Ottoman mosques stand side by side. Sadly, these unique cultural elements are being shadowed by the unattractive-mirror-like future architecture that has started to dominate major cities in Kosova.

The festival is scheduled in the beginning of August, where films are screened twice a day. Other events, such as workshops, DokuFest exhibitions, concerts, and camping in Marash Riverside occur throughout the week. Unfortunately, I was not able to join the camping for the whole week because I had removed my wisdom teeth, so after I recovered from the surgery I stayed for the weekend at a friend's house during the last remaining part of the festival.

This year, I went to Dokufest not only for enjoyment. During the summer, I interned at one of the most influential information and technology companies in Prishtina called CACTTUS, which does system integration, consulting and training. CACTTUS, was the IT sponsor for this edition of Dokufest. I was interning at the Marketing and Training department, and therefore was able to help out Nora, who is in charge of Marketing at CACTTUS, during Dokuweek.

Before Dokufest, Nora and I had to spend time giving ideas and choosing different templates for the advertising banners, the commercial, t-shirts, and many other things that had to be completed. Being a Marketing major, this experience was very enjoyable and beneficial for me. The best part of all of the Dokufest work experience was that during dokuweek, I was able to see my work at CACTTUS, come to life. Dokufest ended up being much better than I had expected, and as a result I was able to combine work with pleasure.

Festivals like Dokufest created and managed by Kosovars, as a result of the long period of oppressions were very few in number,before 1999. Unfortunately, we still have to deal with the aftereffects of those years of oppression in the majority, if not to say all segments of life. CACTTUS and many other companies that in, the after-war years, have supported the development of this festival, have not only been sponsoring an ordinary festival. They have also been contributing to the rehabilitation of an ancient land and conception of a new country. "