Early Walk at Commencement

Even though I will return for my last semester at UD next fall, I decided and was eligible to walk at the commencement with my class. After spending four years studying, working in groups, hanging out with the 2012 class, it seemed right to experience the commencement altogether. Our class was the largest class ever at UD; we had 1400 graduates. And, that meant for Dr.Curran, our President of the university, that he would have to shake all those 1400 student’s hands. The commencement was beautifully sorrowful. As each of us walked down the isle, with tears and smiles on our faces, congratulating each other and screaming out names, we were so proud of our academic achievements, and beyond grateful for the people we got to share this with. My two host mommies, Alanna and Melissa, came to the commencement as well. So, I had some familial support in addition to my many friends. At first, I believe, each of us believed that we would never come to the end of this ceremony. But, it went quick as the students started making it even more fun. As some decided to hug the president and pull him up; others, the president held up, while the engineering students flew around Dayton Flyer paper planes. And, the business students made fun gestures on the camera. What an excellent event! While others were weeping and having crying spells, - I only had a few – I found peace in the thought that I get to go through this ceremony, enjoy it, with the thought that I get one more chance to say bye to UD one last time.