Ellen is coming to Kosova!

My former American host - mom, Ellen, will be coming to Kosova this summer for four weeks. I lived with Ellen and Dennis as an exchange student at CHS for my senior year of high school. She continues to be the nourishing host-mom, even now, that I am at UD. And finally after hearing about Kosova for now twelve years, she will finally be coming to visit. Her daughter, my host-sister, Emily came to visit in 2004. Ellen will be coming as one of the professors of the Miami University Study Abroad in Kosova and will be teaching students journalism, who also will be doing an internship at my dad's news agency Kosovalive.com. This is very exciting news since there is a lot going on in Kosova and she will finally get to see it. Aside from the intense construction and renovation in the country, there is a lot going on politically, economically and socially, which she will get to see. I am hoping that some of my friends will get to visit me this summer as well, as some of them will be traveling around Europe.