Excited for New UDIC Officers!

We had our UD International Club General Meeting on Tuesday. It was a usual social event and we had a great turnout of people, at every meeting we are having more American students, which is excellent! Our intentions have been to have a mixture of American and foreign students, so we are very glad when new American students come to the meetings. Even better, for next year we have three new American officers!! This is perfect, because it has been very difficult to keep a dedicated number of officers because international students used to come for a year or a semester. So, now we have a great team set for next year. Adrienne and I, will still serve as Co-Presidents. And, we have one other officer from this year who is not graduating and will be involved with the club next year as well. The rest are sophomore American and international students, who will be here for a while!! In ten days we will have our St.Patrick's Social Event. It will be on Thursday, the 15th of March at 6:30 p.m, either behind Alumni Hall (if the weather is good) or in the Rike center's World Exchange Lounge.