Festivities in Pristina for Europe Day

Thankfully my trip to Kosovo from UD did not leave me exhausted. I got to sleep well last night, in my shared room with my sister. So, today I was able to get out and see how my city has changed in the last four months. This might sound surprising to you, but Pristina is in a constant flux of change. Ever since Kosovo declared independence things are constantly being renovated, and reconstructed. The city and the country, as a whole, is going through a lot of construction. They are building a new square in the city of the capital, Prishtina, where they have found some ancient remainings and an ancient water fountain. It is assumed that this water fountain used to be connected to an old mosque in the center of the city, where the national theater is. Apparently some old citizens of Pristina remember seeing it during the fifties. In addition to that, the city is reconstructing some new shops and a huge cathedral. So, I went to see the progress that they have made. One thing I am especially very excited about is that it is getting Greener every day! This city major has made significant improvements in green spaces, sidewalks and the general look of the city. So, this is something to look forward as time comes for me to graduate.