First Year vs Sophomore

After a very long trip,I am back at UD. This time, coming back on campus, feels much different and not as stressful. As a freshman, one has a lot of things going on in one's mind. Who will I be rooming with? How is life on campus going to be? How is the food? Will the classes overwhelm me? Are people friendly? And, countless other questions, which remain to be answered when one comes on campus.

But coming back as a sophomore is a different story. This time around, I know the whereabout of the Business building, I have an idea where my social science class is going to be held, and of course know the best place to eat on campus, which is, at least for me Marycrest dinning hall. So, the picture of life at college, is not as obscure as it used to be coming as a first year student. In coming back as a sophomore, there is a different excitement to it. By this time, most of the questions mentioned previously, have been answered and you canÆt wait to do everything that you missed doing during summer.

Settling in my dorm room was also much easier this year. I knew my roommate and had a sense of how life in the dorms would be. UD has wonderful dorm rooms, so it was not a problem at all for me to get settled even in the first year. Three of the four dorm rooms are renovated and are really fancy. The only dorm that has not been redone, is the Founders Hall, but I have never heard any of my friends complain about living there. On the contrary, they all have loved it! I have heard that Founders Hall is on the list to be redone in the near future. I was lucky to have a great dorm room last year, in Marycrest. Apparently, as my roommate and I had been told, it was the nuns room in the early years, and therefore it had its own bathroom. So, I donÆt know who the lucky girls living there are this year. But, we certainly were very happy.

One of the questions that is still unclear for me is if the classes will be overwhelming, given that the level of classes changes from year to year. Until classes start, I am going to catch up with all my friends from last year, sadly many of my international exchange student friends from last year, are not here anymore, but having had the chance to hang out with them was a wonderful experience.