Friend from U.S. coming to Visit in Kosova

Yesterday one of my first friends in the U.S, who just graduated from the university, told me that she is planning on coming to visit me in Kosova this May. She has asked her parents for a graduation present and they have decided to give her a trip to Europe. So she chose to come to visit me in Kosova. I am super excited, as this will be my first friend from the U.S, other than my host-sister, who is coming to visit me in Kosova. My host mom, from when I used to be an exchange student, will be coming later in June, as well. One of the greatest things about being an exchange student anywhere in the world is that you get to meet many great people that will become your life-long friends. Even if you do not constantly keep in touch, you guys will reunite who knows when and where. She is planning on coming May 28th and staying until June 11th. We are planning on staying in Prishtina for the first week, then taking a trip to Prizren, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Kosova, and then to visit the beach in Albania.