Graduation Dooms Day

Where have the years gone? Where? What happened? Why so fast? Really, I think all UD seniors are asking themselves these questions. This was one of the most difficult days of the week, if I must say. My friends' were miserable. One of them, came running to my house, about to weep, because he picked up his cap and gown! How terrible is that? I think this is dooms day for any UD student. That miserable time of the year, that unfortunate day, when we have to pick up the cap and gowns and know we have just a couple of more weeks until we ( I don't even want to say this) HAVE TO LEAVE UD FOR FOREVER!!! This is a disaster! We really thought that this would never come, or at least wished that this day would not even exist. I got numerous texts on my phone "I picked up my cap and gown today :( This is terrible! What's happening?" I don't even want to know what will happen graduation day, other than all of us weeping the whole day, that we have to leave each other and have to leave our HOME!!!!