Great sleepless nights, followed by endless homework!

"Wow! My first impression of classes was correct, they were going to be very demanding. But, I thought they would be picking up a bit later. I guess I was wrong, or maybe time just passes by much faster than I expected. So, my sleepless nights, certainly began much earlier this year, and so did the endless homework. But, that is still great, because at UD even these kinds of weeks are filled with fun. Late nights, studying with friends and stressing out about tomorrows exams, while listening to songs on youtube or changing our statuses on facebook, are unforgettable.

So, this week was one of those; very dynamic and followed by stress here or there, which was relieved by funny stories from friends and laughter late at night. Just to give you a picture of what this week was like, I have created a short list: MacroEconomics exam, Philosophy exam & homework, Accounting quiz & homework, Accounting block exam, Management quizzes, meetings, work, and readings that tend to infinity. During these kinds of weeks, I usually tend to listen to ""I will survive"" more often than usually. Just joking!

But, as everything else, this week came to an end. So, I tried to catch up on sleep all weekend and successfully. While at the same time taking a break from studying and enjoying time with friends and talking to my family back home. Unfortunately, my roommate was not on campus this weekend, so it was very quiet without her. But, I am glad she is now back!