Green Geek

I am a green geek! I have developed this passion about greenness and eco-friendliness thanks to UD. I always loved nature, because my parents taught me to appreciate it. However, I didn't do much to preserve nature, or contribute positively to the environment, until I came to UD. Actually, we still don't have a recycling system, like in the states, in Kosova. So, that always makes me frustrated and I do my best to recycle while in the states, at least. Our house, recycles like crazy. Probably, because I made sure to put specific "recycling plastic bags" in every bathroom and kitchen. So, we always make sure that the plastic bottles are recycled and that we have as less waste as possible. My roommates are great about this as well. They make sure that they are recycling all the time. UD's focus on being Green has increased significantly since my freshman year. There are sustainability houses and learning and leaving communities, which you can join when you come to UD. We have a Green-house effect program, which encourages students to keep their heating bill as low as possible. The dining services have a compostable program that they have been praised on. There are numerous other opportunities for students to become sustainable and learn about it on campus. Search for them on the UD website and if you can't find them just ask around. If you really want to make an impact you can also pick up a sustainability minor, which are offered especially in the engineering school.