Green Sweep

After my belly dancing class this morning, in which we are practicing our choreography for the upcoming performance on Friday November 13th, I went to the McGinnis center. The McGinnis center is located in Art Street and that's where all the students involved in the Green Sweep had to meet. The Green Sweep is an ecological service event organized by the Student Government Association (SGA).

Once everyone met in front of the McGinnis center, we were divided into 3-5 groups of students, who were going to plant trees, rake leafs, or collect litter. I wanted to plant trees, because I had never had the chance to do so before; though, unfortunately I was not chosen to do that because the spots filled up quickly. My job and three of my other friend's was to rake the leafs and put them in big plastic bags. We put the leaf-filled white plastic bags by the street so persons in charge can pick them up and take them to the compost-able place.

After we had finished, we were served with hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, refreshments and cute Green Sweep T-shirts. Now, I am back at my room thinking of starting my Statistics, Macro & Business Law studying...

Tonight at 9 pm, my Entrepreneurship group and I are going to one of the group member's room to count our Rudy Flyer Ornaments, which came a couple of days ago. I can't wait to see how they look!