Group work Just Got a Little Easier

With DropBox! Ahh... have I found my true love... Danica, my roommate introduced me to this miraculous software. Dropbox essentially enables you to put all your life's work - photos, essays, books, music and everything you cherish in your computer - on a cloud! This cloud is super-safe and there is no way you can loose your files - ever! This and spotify have been one of the best software discoveries of this semester for me - so has songza and my ipod touch app Zite. One of the biggest reasons why I love Dropbox is because it makes group work so much easier. Instead of us all, four or five students per group, edit lets say a thirty page final report and keep e-mailing it back and forth. Or, even worse having to work on it on Google Docs all at the same time, while it freezes and you see everyone working on it. This, software enables everyone to work on the file and save it. Also, you can put the final report in a dropbox folder and share it with all of your group-mates. Whenever someone on your team updates the folder, you get a notification on your laptop. Isn't this great?! Ahhh... now I also don't have to e-mail everything I want to print to myself - I just put in on dropbox. To make it even more fun, I have recruited my sister to this, so now we just put pictures and stuff we write to each other on the folder.