Hard-Work at UD is rewarded

Several weeks ago I was notified by the Marketing and Management department chair that I have been awarded the School of Business Award for Perseverance. This award is based on faculty nomination of the department. I had no idea that I had even been nominated for this award and was thrilled to know that I had been rewarded this honor. After three and half super intense years at the university, the dedication and hard work is being paid off. It has been a gift and a great honor to study and serve at this university for these years and every day has been fulfilling. Days like these though, when your efforts are further recognized make it even better. One thing I have to emphasize is that at this university every work you do, every effort you put into making yourself a better person, a more knowledgeable individual, every service you do to the community, to your neighborhood, your club and organization is recognized and appreciated. UD values dedication and hard work, encourages it and rewards it.