Honor Students Symposium

Time has finally come for me to present my fifteen month long independent study. By now, my thesis report is 70 written pages, 16,000 words, and a total of 200 pages with the appendix. I presented my thesis so far, without the conclusions part, at the Honors Students Symposium. Each Honors program thesis writer at UD was required to present at this event. We each had 20 minutes (broken down into, 3 minutes to set up, 12 minutes to present and five minutes for questions). Because my thesis covers a lot of information, very detailed research, I decided to present mostly on the overall model that we used and what we researched and leave the majority of the time for my audience to ask specific questions. This way, I could talk a little bit more in depth about it. I had a great turn out. My host parents came, including one of my other host-mommies and my dad's friends. My favorite professors came as well. I was thrilled to see so many of them. Also, two of my interviewers, who accepted me into the Berry Scholars program came. This was great, as they finally got to see what their investment in my education these four years led up to. I will be presenting my thesis yet again during the Stander Symposium, April 18th. It is due, April 10th, so I will have all the conclusions.