Honoring UDIC Officer

We had our final UD International Club General Meeting for this year. We will have one more event and that will be our formal Spring dance in two weeks. Our general meetings are very casual, we provide chips, cookies, muffins, and lemonade for our members. During these meetings, we usually announce our upcoming events and activities and just chill, meet new members and have casual conversations. In this meeting, we honored our most Outstanding officer of the year. He worked diligently in all UDIC events and has been a great person to rely on for anything. We awarded him a certificate of recognition, as well as a $50 bookstore gift card. Sadly, he will be graduating. But, we are super excited for out incoming officers and hope we will need to create additional awards to give to these new ones. Our Spring Dance will be April 21st, from 8 pm to 1pm and we still need to set the location. It's probably going to be a themed party.