Increase in applications! Decrease in admission Percent

One of the many important discussions that we had with Dr.Curran, at the Dialogue with the President, was the increase in the number of college applications that UD is receiving, and the decrease in the number of those admitted. This year UD has received more than fourteen thousand applications. While, a decade ago the university accepted around eighty percent of the applicants, this year only fifty-five of those applicants were admitted. So, if you really really want to come to UD make sure to show it! Let us know, you really want to be part of our amazing community of people and are eager to learn our excellent academic curriculum, while serving the UD and Dayton community. Come visit the beautiful campus, see the extensive renovations and expansion, while truly getting a feeling of what it is like to be a UD student. If you want to spend the night over, attend classes, participate in one of our events in or out of campus, attend club and organization meetings, join us for service to the community, just let us know!