Interview with Northwestern Mutual

Today I went to my first job interview. I have not yet started looking for jobs, however my friend, Lisa had referred me to a Northwestern Mutual recruiter who called and wanted to meet up. So, I decided to meet and we set up an appointment to see each other at the Starbucks, off Brown Street, for a chat. I thought this was a great learning experience, even though I did not have any plans of interviewing this semester. I did not know much about Northwestern Mutual before, I could recognize it as a name, but not much more than that. And, today I learned about the company, the people it seeks, and how they represent themselves. It was excellent and I had a wonderful time with the recruiter talking about career opportunities there, as well as in general. What I really liked about her was that she actually offered her help in general for job-seeking. This was an excellent experience overall and since they go by referrals, I referred two of my friends, who would be excellent for the job.