Interviewing incoming President Emissaries

One of the many quality experiences that I get from being a President Emissary is that I get to practice my interviewer skills. This is great, since I am an Entrepreneurship major and in the future will be daunted with the task of choosing my potential employees. All current President Emissaries were required to sign up to interview the new potential President Emissaries. We had more than fifty applicants, competing for only fifteen spaces for next year. Although, there are usually thirty PE's, half of them will be returning to serve the Office of the President next year, including myself. For the interviewing process, we were split into rooms, with two PE's that would interview the potential PE's for twenty minutes. The process is very rigorous, as the group of individuals we require are the most dedicated, professional, and active students at the university to represent the President of UD. The application process has three steps. The PE's are required to fill out an online application, have two recommendations and include their resume. Following the written portion, they are interviewed by current PE's. If they make it past the PE's interview, they are then interviewed by the Office of the President. We have one more set of current PE interviews, which will go on this upcoming Saturday.