Introducing Charities for the International Festival

This is the second year that the International Festival will be supporting two charities. Last year we began this tradition of supporting a local charity and an international one. Last year, we donated a percentage of our earnings to the Catholic Social Services in Dayton and raised money for the Japanese earthquake victims. On Saturday, March 24th at Kennedy Union's ballroom, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. we will be having this year's International Festival. The two charities we will be supporting are the Dayton Children's Medical Center and Love146, which works towards aboliting child sex slavery and exploitation through prevention and aftercare solutions. The UD International Club(UDIC) has partnered with UD's Dance Marathon organization which "dances" to raise funds for the Dayton Children's Medical Center every year. This year they raised $40,000. They will be performing a short dance at the International Festival and then do a train dance, while soliciting change from the audience for their organization. I had a meeting with Dr.Talbott, one of the Political Science and Human Rights professors at UD yesterday, together with one of the officers of UDIC. He is the creator of Abolition Ohio, who deals with victims of human trafficking in OHio He suggested that for an international organization, we contact Love146, who has a Dayton Task Force, and contributes funds to the international organization. Make sure to come to the International Festival. You are not coming only to have fun but also to help others!