ISSS Writing and Communication Research Project

In my business communication class we are required to choose an organization, on campus or outside, and research their writing and communication practices among employees and clients. My group of four, two international students and two Americans, chose the International Student and Scholars Services (ISSS) at UD. This is a department within the Center For International Programs at the university and it is the department that directly communicates with international students. So, with the approval of the assistant director, we will be conducting research at their department to see how they communicate with each other and the students. Then, based on our findings we will suggest improvements in verbal and written communication for the department. We will also be showcasing our findings at the Stander Symposium, April 18th at UD. This will be one of the two research studies that I will be presenting. My other one is the honors thesis that I have been working on for over a year now. So, it will be exciting! Mark your calendars and stop by. For the ISSS project we will be displaying a poster, while I will be presenting for 20 minutes for my honors thesis.