Last Tuesday before Spring-Break Last Tuesday before Spring-Break Last Tuesday before Spring-Break

Can you believe it that it’s almost Spring-Break? Where did my precious time at UD disappear? I can easily, say that all the seniors are in a panic crisis that they have only a couple of weeks left at UD. How sad! Beyond sad! I will warn you incoming, prospective student, that the thrill of coming and attending UD is incomparable to what it actually is like to go here, and of how terrible you will feel once you see the end approaching. This semester, I am living with one of my great friends, who was my freshman neighboor, when I lived in the Marycrest dorm. We have so many memories together! Though, at the same time it’s like we have just started living at UD and don’t want to leave this precious place. We talk about this every single day and what we are going to do without the great and closely-knitted community at UD, without our great friends, and our countless nights studying together for our exams! To be frank, we are jealous of you. By the way, can we change places?