Life of a Sophomore International Student

"As I had anticipated, this semester has definitely tired me out and I have never been craving Thanksgiving break more. A couple of things have contributed to the overwhelming feeling of this semester.

A break of three and a half months back home, as wonderful as it has been, kind of got me off-track from the American pace of life that I had been used to for two consecutive years. When, I first came to Dayton and attended Centerville High School at Centerville, I had my host parent's and my so-called ""American Mommies,"" my real mom's friends from back in 1999, help in adjusting to the very different pace of life in Dayton. After I finished my exchange year I was back home for two months only since I had to return back for college in August. So, the change of lifestyle didn't really hit me very hard and as a result my first year at UD went smoothly. This summer though, after my first year at UD, I went back to Kosovo for three and a half months. Although it was difficult to get re-accustomed to my own culture's living, by the end of my stay I managed to do so - then the time to leave came again. Changing back and forth from one way of thinking, working, sleeping, and eating to another, I had to admit was not as easy this time around.

This may turn out to be one of the biggest challenges I have faced this semester, together with the demanding core business classes. I have not had any previous background whatsoever in business. Although I was exposed to social sciences, natural sciences, and math classes in English, I was not in business classes- not even in Albanian. So, that also contributed to some bumps around the semester that I had to jump over with much harder work.

I enjoyed having my dancing class every weekend, and that may have helped me kind of get over some of the stress. My philosophy seminar also gave me a break between all the immediate business immersion and also in some cases contributed to my better understanding of business concepts. The Sophomore Entrepreneurship Experience also has been a wonderful and very fruitful exposure.

Overall, it has been a difficult semester, but the breaks are coming up, and I am ready for some rest.