Longlasting Friendships

Since my mom has been visiting from Kosova for a while, our old friends in Dayton have organized many luncheons, dinners and get togethers for her. She has not seen them for twelve years, the last time when she was here was during the 1999 war in Kosova. So, it has definitely been a while and this has been great that they had a chance to reunite. We have been meeting friends every day of the week. A friend of hers also drove from Kentucky just to come have lunch with her, which was great. Just a day ago both of us went to have dinner at my dad’s former job, from twelve years ago. We met his old boss and his wife and many of his coworkers, whom are great family frirends now. We are thankful for having such great friends in the Dayton community. And, I think this is the same for all international individuals and students who come to either the Dayton community or of course at UD. They make many longlasting, wonderful and meaningful friendships.