Meditation Session in Statistics

I had heard before about my Statistics' Professor Davis' meditation sessions before I started taking his class. But, I really didn't know how that really, and if at all, worked. This week, I and a couple of my classmates had the chance to experience the cool meditation session. The last twenty minutes of class we could choose either to leave early, do homework problems in class, or attend a meditation session. A couple of us who decided to stay chose the meditation session. At the end we were really glad we did!

After we all laid down on the floor, Professor Davis took us through the steps required to reach the desired state and at last sleep for 4 minutes. Following the meditation I certainly felt much more relaxed and was thinking clearer, and although not having the regularly required full 8 hours of sleep, I didn't feel like needing a nap. Since I felt kind of cold while meditating, I was not able to fall asleep as the other students, but later, after going through all the required steps that Professor Davis had taught us, it didn't take me too long to fall asleep. Still, I will have to continue practicing so the meditation becomes more efficient.

This is surely not something that you would expect to see in an everyday Statistics class, but at UD a number of professors share many of personal experiences that have helped them in life, helped them live better and deal with stress or anything else that they feel may be of help to the students too.