MultiCultural Dinner

Tonight at 6 p.m. I will be going to dinner with two of my best guy friends at UD. We are going to a recognition dinner by the Office of MultiCultural Affairs at UD. And, the funny thing is that the three of us all have different culture, my friend Jose is from Puerto Rico, Jeremy is Philippine and American, and I am Kosovar. The dinner will be held at the Virginia W. Kettering apartment complex, in one of the main conference rooms there. If you haven't checked VWK yet, make sure to do so during your campus visit. It is excellent!! They renovated it a while ago and it looks like a five star hotel cafeteria. I was blown away when I saw it - and you will too! I have been to many colleges on a campus visit, and have visited many others when I went to see friends. This is something I have never seen at any of those. So, don't let it slip away!