MUN High School Conference

The Model United Nations (MUN) club held its annual High School Conference yesterday from 9 AM until 3 PM. The Committee Chairs, Rapporteurs (Rapps) and all the other staff had to be there at 8 so we could prepare for the 419 high school students from the region that attended the conference. I chaired the United Nations Development Fund for Women Committee which had approximately thirty + delegates. Our topic for the conference was Women's Rights in Afghanistan.

The High School Conference is considered a learning experience for students who are interested in foreign affairs, UN functions and its structure, geography and current issues in the world. Throughout their MUN involvement students are equipped with invaluable speaking (presentation), writing, and research skills.

We began the Conference with a welcoming speech by the Secretary General of our club Zach, followed by that of the director of the conference Mike and one of the UD professors. Afterwards, everyone went into committee session for a couple of hours until lunch break. The High School Conference rules are similar to those of the Collegiate National Model United Nations Conference (NMUN) and delegates are expected to follow those throughout the Conference.

This was my first time chairing a committee and I was really excited to be able to have the chance to do it. However, it can get tricky at times because one has to know all the rules, procedures and the terminology needed to chair and run the session smoothly. Chairing a committee you have to pay attention to things such as if everyone is maintaining their delegate-like character, speaking solely about the specified subject, which delegate is performing best, and at the same time maintain decorum and act as the leader of the committee. Each chair is assigned a rapporteur (Rapp), who is in charge of maintaining the speakers' time and list and also assist in maintaining order in the committee. At the closing ceremony, which was held in the Kennedy Union Ball Room, each one of the ten chairs called the names of the best delegations in their committee.

When I first came to UD I was in search of possible interesting clubs that I could join on campus, so at the beginning of last year I went to Up the Orgs, which is basically a club's & sororities & fraternities fair, to look at numerous possible choices. Truly, I didn't know that anything such as Model United Nations existed, and the only thing I recognized on the posters and the display that were sitting on the table display, was the UN logo which I had had the chance of seeing numerous times since ?99. After being briefly introduced to MUN that day, I began attending the meetings and found to really enjoy them ever since. It has been even more interesting to be part of a club that I would not have otherwise had the chance to become involved in back home in Kosova.