My March Madness week Approaching

March is usually a mad month for me, as this month marks the zenith of all my work. I have had very busy weeks consecutively this month. However, I am approaching my doom next week. I have two final reports due next week, have to start practicing for one of the biggest presentations to an actual client, I have to read a book and write an essay by Tuesday, conduct primary research on site for my Business rhetoric class, and be ready to present my thesis on the Honors Student Symposium on Friday. On Saturday, the UD International Club and Center For International Programs, is hosting the International Festival, so I will be super busy. Nonetheless, there are fun things happening besides that. I am having lunch with the President of the UD, Dr.Curran and the Flyer News staff on Tuesday. Some important upcoming events for UD are Honors Students Symposium, R.I.S.E Symposium, International Festival, and Lupe Fiasco coming to UD!