My new Job

I have started working for a privately owned company called INDEX Kosova, which conducts market, media and public opinion research. It is a small company, just a couple of minutes of walk from my apartment in the capital of Kosova, Prishtina. This is my third week working for the company. However, until the 15th of July I am actually working from home. This has worked out perfectly, since I am in Kosova only for three and a half months - and this is supposed to be my vacation from school. I was very sincere with the leader of the company and told him that I wasn't interested in having a set schedule this summer, because I would like to have flexibility so to spend quality time with my family, cousins and friends - as well as rest, if that is possible. He took this into consideration and agreed, since the work that I would be doing can also be done from home up to the 15th of July. I will be proof reading 1000 pages of qualitative interviews that they have done. They had them translated but they wanted someone to proof read them and "make them sound English". This is working very well, since I get to spend the middle of the day, when it is sunny and beautiful in Prishtina and the cafes are packed with the young, to go out with friends. Then I work at other times of the day and usually at night. After the 15th of July, I will be starting to work in office until I return to UD. I will be involved primarily in assisting with projects that they have at that time.