Never Alone at UD

There is one great thing about UD and that is that you are never alone in this place. Whether it is during the semester or breaks, there is always someone around. Sometimes, breaks are great to get to know even more people because everyone gets together. We are on Easter break right now, starting yesterday and we will be off classes until Monday. Many students stayed in on campus to catch up with their homework and studies, while others such as me and my good friend Lawrence, we are here to work on our thesis. His thesis is very involved and difficult, as well, as he is analyzing economic growth. Today we met up to work on our thesis together, then we went to a Potluck dinner, where everyone brings something to eat. It was great,as we both knew a lot of the students at the house, but also got to meet a couple of new ones. We just returned and now it is back to working again.