Obama & David Cameron Come to University of Dayton Arena for the First Four

President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron arrive at the University of dayton Arena to watch the kick off of the NCAA Division I Men's basketball. I have a couple of fellow friends, who have been selected to meet the president at the arena, they are all great leaders in the UD community. So, I am super excited for all of them. Just to give you some heads up of how great and fun the University of Dayton basketball culture is, we have regularly been ranked among the top 30 nationally Division I Men's basketball attendees. The UD Arena has hosted more NCAA division I men's tournament games than any other arena in the U.S. We are hosting the First Four this year and also next year, so make sure to look out for those tickets! Meanwhile, in the professional spirit the Sweat to Suits: Women's conference was excellent today. Both, me and Danica, my roommate, went to see the keynote speakers. With the great weather at UD, I decided to finally rent a bike and enjoy it around the campus, in between classes. Now, I am getting ready for my group meetings.