Obsessed with ArtStreet Sandwiches!

Last night, I went to ArtStreet to do homework with two of my very good guy friends. If you haven't seen ArtStreet yet, you must! It's located in the center of campus. It has all the artsy things you can think of. You are able to live there, if you are an upperclassman too. There is a recording studio, if you are in to music and recording. Then, they have a small theater, where they show movies every week. in addition to that, there are spaces where you can show your artwork. And, they have exhibits very often. Another great service that they offer, is the ArtStreet deli. They have great sandwiches and a great environment to chill with friends. To make it even more fun the sandwiches have artist names! So make sure you stop by on your visit to have an artsy taste :)