Off to the Art exhibitions around Prishtina

Since I have returned from UD to my home-city of Prishtina, in Kosova, I have been to several art exhibitions. My two other close friends and I - who are very passionate about art, cultures, music and anything that really expresses human life artistically - have started this routine of going to any art exhibition in our city. Every time we hear of an exhibition we go to one. We are planning a trip to Prizren to see another exhibition soon. We have been to two great ones. The first one we went to was part of a the minorities week in Kosova. This exhibition depicted the lives of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian minorities around Kosova. It was mainly a photography exhibition, followed by a live duet performance from a famous Albanian singer and a minority one. They performed music from the minorities' cultures. The other one was a couple of days ago. This was a much bigger exhibition because it was also an award's ceremony, called the Muslim Mulliqi international award. Here too, I went with my two friends, but also with my mom and her friend. One of the greatest things about living in Prishtina and generally in Kosova, the young and the old always hang out together. I love this. The exhibition was proceeded by a party at one of the new hotels, in the heart of Prishtina. There were also other parts of the greater exhibition, exposed in other parts of the city. A colorful horizontal piece of art was also placed in front of the Ministry of Education. This is very close to the University of Prishtina's campus and by my apartment. I pass it each day and it makes the walk much more pleasing. I will be looking out for more exhibits and will keep you updated!