Parents' Weekend

This weekend was parents' weekend. So, a lot of parents came to campus to see how their daughter/son was doing and spent sometime with them. My parents were absent for more than obvious reasons: it would have taken them much more time to fly overseas, and surely more than just a weekend, from some 10 thousand miles away, to get here...

Although, I missed them, I spent sometime with my roommate's family and went with them to dinner. Unfortunately, my roommate's mom got sick so she was not able to join us and had to go back to the hotel and rest. The rest of the day was followed with some studying for my Legal Environment of Business class and some homework.

In the evening, I went to Art Street to pick up a large cup of hot chocolate, and had a pleasant walk around the student neighborhood. My friend and I, also stopped at the cafe and looked at the student exhibits at one of the studios. The Art Street cafe is really artsy and comfortable, and tonight it was packed with parents and students playing games and grabbing snacks. Afterwards, we went back to some more homework at the Marianist study lounge.