Quick Mini-Yoga Session

After a busy and tiring day, I managed to fit a mini-yoga session, well actually it was an hour long one. I must say that probably the best thing I have done in these two years has been to get myself involved with yoga. Now, I am extremely dedicated to it. At first, I thought that there would be no way that I would actually do such a thing by myself. For a year, the only way I did it was if I went with a group. And, we have excellent student teachers at the UD Rec Plex who teach classes. And, I loved the classes. But, I also realized that I was going to go home for the summer and needed to do something about it. So, I bought a mat and started doing it by myself. Of course, I had already memorized all the basic poses, so it worked well. Ever since then, I have been doing it by myself. I guess it has become a basic, necessity duty for me. And, I realized that when I would make sure that I would fit it in my schedule. This is the beautiful part and I will continue to do it. Nowadays, I just remember that I need to do yoga at least three times a week and no matter what I need to put aside, I will do it, in order to get my yoga session in. One thing I need to work on is to challenge myself further. However, that requires longer than an hour and time is scarce and valuable when you are in college! Will have to see what I can do about that! And truly, I owe this to UD and the Rec Plex, because if I had not had that chance of trying yoga out at UD, I would not have had this amazing activity in my life!