Roommate experiences

"An important and unique college experience that most students go through is life with a roommate, in some cases with more than one, and later with a couple. Living with a roommate or roommates can be scary and exciting at the same time. From my experience it has been and is as important as in class learning.

Coming to college I had many fears, usually accompanied by excitement, mainly from the unknown. One of those was the roommate situation. I was coming from so far away, and I could not help it but think of all possible differences that could arise between me and my future roommate. Unless you are going to be rooming with a friend from high school going to the same college, you really will not know what to expect. Still, even with a long time friend there may be misunderstandings. The person you will be sharing the room with may end up being similar to you, but also very different from you, up to a point of having a lots of characteristics you may dislike in people. At the end of the day, though, none of these individual characteristics are so important when you are living with someone. What is really important, is how you reconcile with those differences and make your joint living experience worthwhile, unique and positively remembered.

My first year, I signed up as a ""random"" which basically means that you would be assigned a room with anyone. Two weeks before I left Prishtina, Kosovo, to come to UD, I met my future roommate through Facebook, exchanging a couple of messages and introducing ourselves... I moved first into one of the dorms rooms at Marycrest, and my roommate joined me a couple of days later. As the year moved on, we discovered that we had some things in common but also other things not so much in common, even though that did not interfere in with our living and we still got along very well. Despite our differences, some being cultural others personal, we were always there for each other in times of happiness and sadness. If one of us were to fall sick, the other tried to make the room and environment as comfortable as possible for the other. We did not have any major issues, while the little ones we would talk over, and did our best not to get too emotional about the issues. In the second semester, we took a trip together to Illinois to visit one of my good friends and spent three and a half days in Chicago.

A roommate is a very important element of each students' college experience. It is crucial for each student to be patient and, from time to time, put oneself in her/his roommate's shoes, especially when having issues, and try to understand why the issue arised and how it can be fixed. After all, each student no matter how far, an hour or a day, or an ocean away, from home is still alone, so everyone tries to get accustomed to a new life in college as best as possible. Sometimes, though, that is not so easy to do. That is where roommates come in, and help each other overcome the distances and new life."