St.Patrick's Day at UD

This was the best St.Patrick's day at UD that I have had so far. There was so much going on and we had beautiful weather. Art Street was full of people waiting in queue to get free food and watch the concert. There were people all around campus, just having a great time.We had a couple of visitors at our UD house, my housemate's boyfriend, a UD alumni, came to visit and so did her sister. A lot of recent graduates came back to visit for St.Patrick's day. There was a lot of stuff going on around campus, especially free food events, concerts, they also had places where you go to watch March Madness. And, they even showed other movies, such as Sherlock Holmes 2.My friends' and I spent the majority of the day socializing and attending the events on campus, hosted by the university. Then, it was back to doing homework, preparing for my Honors Thesis presentation, and writing reports for my business classes.