Study Sunday

As usual Sunday was dedicated to studying. I work on some of the articles that I needed to write for my American Women's History, which is one of my favorite classes this semester. Then, I made changes and refined the power point presentation for my business consulting class, for which we are assigned to do actual consulting for a a real business in downtown Dayton. My team of four, plus a professional mentor, chose a local start-up. Our project has been very difficult, as we have been working to make the business sustainable for five years, within legal and physical constraints. It has been tough, but we have worked and done significant research for the company - primary as well as secondary. We did a huge survey for them and received 106 responses from the customers. Then, we surveyed the companies seven competitors and individually talked to each of them. We combined our primary data results, with what the industry experts have been saying from our secondary sources, and have made significant recommendations for the business. In addition to all of them, we have consulted with our own Marketing, Management, Operations Management and Finance professors to get their point of view on our recommendations. So, I think we stand strong. This has been a very unique project, as I was assigned by a professor to be the leader of the team for the whole semester. Great experience! We will be presenting in a couple of weeks to our client, so we are super excited! Sunday is also a day when usually friends come over to laundry. And, everyone else runs around to do errands.