Thank You Viber!

Have you heard of this excellent ipod touch, iphone, and android app called Viber? If you haven't, I am honored to introduce you to this because it has solved your long-distance problem of staying in touch with friends for free and hearing their voices wherever you are. I am in love with it! I have an ipod touch and have installed it last summer to chat with friends in Kosovo. Now, since I am back for the summer, I told my friends in the states to instal it on their smart phones. They love it too because we can keep in touch for free - text and call anytime for free - as long as we have wireless. Today my housemate Danica got it and I am beyond happy! Simply download it from the Apple store to keep in touch with your UD friends all over the world. And, if you have just graduated from high school and don't want to have Facebook around to distract you - but want to keep up with your friends that are going abroad- this is a great solution.