The Rudy Flyer Ornament

The product for my Sophomore Entrepreneurship (MGT220) class is here. For our micro-company, my group and I decided to create a Rudy Flyer Ornament in silver with blue accent and gold with red accent. We ordered 300 pieces total; one of our members has already sold 20 of them, and we are still waiting for a confirmation of a 50 piece pre-sale. Since, it's Halloween, we are waiting for a while until we begin our dorm storming and official sale; we don't think many people will be interested in buying a Christmas ornament yet.

My ENT group consists of six members and we each have specific jobs in our micro-company. There are two VP of Marketing, on campus and off campus; I chose the on campus one, though I will still be working closely with Shannon who is the VP of Marketing off campus. Brian is our VP of Sales, Jim Logistics, Andy Accounting and Joe is our president. We will all be working together on selling the Rudy Flyer Ornament, by dorm storming (the MGT 220 class, has permission to do that), and probably many other ways on which we will be brainstorming tomorrow night at our meeting.

We are all very excited about this unique experience of creating and selling a product of our own choice, that the UD Entrepreneurship program offers, along with the first-hand experience and the excitement and issues that come up in creating and maintaining, in our particular case, of a micro-company. So, far the ENT class has been very informative and our professor always includes his personal experiences as an entrepreneur, which contributes greatly to my understanding of how to make use of all the in-class learning in the real world.

If you are interested in seeing how the blue and red accent Rudy Flyer Ornament looks, you can go to this site:

If you are interested in buying one for yourself, family, friends, or for the little kids as a present for Christmas on Campus, e-mail us at: