The UD Community

"The first time I visited the University of Dayton and went on a campus tour, some years ago my tour guide talked a lot about the close community and how everyone is friendly on campus. Though, he wasn't the only one telling me that!

I failed in trying to get a sense of it and experience it before beginning my first year; you really can't understand what the community is like, unless you experience it yourself.

So, what is that UD community really like?

Not having an idea of how ""all living together"" would work, soon in my first year at Marycrest I found out it was a lot of fun. We had our hall meeting and some ice breakers in order to get to know each other better. Though, after that really no other planned social events were needed to enhance our bond. It came naturally, and we soon became like one big family. All together in this, we found comfort in each other, though some of us were coming further away from home than others. Quiet soon we were going to each others rooms for anything we needed, in times of happiness and in times of sadness.

But, the sense of a community everywhere you go at UD, I understood on one very cold day outside the Kennedy Union while selling cookies in a fund raiser for our Model United Nations club with a fellow MUNer. We literally couldn't get our hands out of our pockets because it was extremely cold and quite windy at times. While waiting for anyone walking by to buy our cookies, a fellow student came up and handed us two large cups of hot chocolate. We were frozen from his deed, and had no idea what was going on. After he saw the expressions on our faces, he just said ""I saw you guys standing here in the cold and thought you might like some hot chocolate."" He must have been working at the Hangar - one of student's favorite hangouts with bowling lanes, pool table, foosball, video games.. - and saw us freezing outside.

One other habit of UD students is being polite and keeping the door open if in front of you. They will do that, be nice and wait for you, sometimes even if you are a couple feet away. Really helpful if you have your hands full of different stuff, like I usually do. It is also helpful since one is required to pull out an ID card to open the door, in order to get to their dorms. As I have observed, the gesture is not gender associated. Opening the door, or keeping it open for you, is simply not something you see too often nowadays. While unlike many other places, it also speaks a lot about UD's sense of community, and about its students.