Thesis Update!

I am all done with the statistical analysis of the thesis. Whuuuu... Finally, it was a long process to get them all done. Now, the hardest part has finally arrived. This is where I actually get all the data that I have collected and analyzed and put them on a word document. Then I print out these 150 pages and start looking and searching for the meaning in the numbers. Hopefully, the numbers make sense. Thankfully they are making sense for me! So, then I start interpreting what these numbers mean and draw conclusions as why they are as they are. Here is where my secondary research comes to play and all those books and articles and months of observing come into play. Of course, I chose a topic that I truly and deeply connect with and that is my country Kosova. So, for years, even though, I was abroad I have paid attention to what's going on back home and why things are evolving as they are. Now, it is time to use all of that knowledge to bring my own conclusions. With the help of my great advisor, who has taught me how to quantify this knowledge, now I can have something to back up my idea. I just received an e-mail from the Honors Department and I will be presenting at the Honors Symposium on Friday. March 23 at 1:00PM at KU. Mark your calendars!