This weekend

I spent all my weekend with my three Kosovar friends, who came to visit me from Chicago. They arrived late Friday night at UD, so we went to bed very late. And, as a result we spent the majority of Saturday in bed and sleeping.

Later on during the day we watched two movies and just chilled and talked together. My roommateƂ’s boyfriend from Chicago also came to visit this weekend. We had a very busy house, plus all the usual friends who are around. We love it! We like having a busy and loud house, so we do not get bored or lonely.

I decided to show my guests the five star cafeteria on campus, VWK. They were blown away, just as I was the first time I went in there. When you come on your visit, make sure to check it out. All cafeterias at UD are great, but this one is special. Because you can order sushi!! One of my guests loves sushi, so I made sure we go to VWK to get some.

Afterwards, we went to the cute Starbucks on Oakwood and chilled there for a little bit more.