Three Weeks Left

This is a crazy time for all UD students. There is so much going on these last three weeks and we are swamped up in work. Especially for upper-class men these last three weeks are crucial. For business students, such as myself, this is when our final reports are due. These are long and very detailed reports for our projects and they go together with presentations. In addition that, in other classes, we need to submit long papers. Aside from that, there are also exams that we need to take. Plus, everyone wants to celebrate the end of the year - especially the seniors! And, I can easily say, as I have seen from my friends - they are devastated to leave UD. Actually, I have one guy friend who could not reconcile with the fact that he has to leave, so he has decided to stay longer and do his MBA here. You think you like UD at first sight - you have no idea what it is like when you fall in love with it - you can never fall out of love!!!