Thursday's Tradition

This is the first semester in my four years at UD that I managed not to have any classes on Friday. So, yuhu for that! I have assigned this day of the week to work on my honors thesis. That means though that I can stay up as long as I want on Thursday nights, then wake up and work on the thesis. So, this Thursday one of my good friends came to do laundry at our house! Oh yes, we have a washer and drier and dishwasher at our house. Friends that don’t have them, usually come and do that at our house. Last year I didn’t have one and always did laundry at my neighbors. This year I get to return the favor to all my friends who don’t have them at their houses. Even better, we ended up watching a movie and two TV shows in a night. Yes, this is pretty unusual for me, as I never really have time to give my self the privilege of that six hours of fun in the middle of the week. But, this time I did! And, it was great. I think we might start a tradition with my friends to watch a movie every Thursday now, while we wait for the laundry to be done!