Trick or Treat for UNICEF

For one of our service projects for the Model United Nation (MUN) club, our service chair decided to go trick or treating for coins for UNICEF on Halloween night. We broke up into groups of two and began our trick or treating journey to the city of Oakwood. It was a two hour service event, from six to eight PM, with each group being assigned certain streets. Unfortunately, the temperature dropped significantly from the previous day and rain was expected anytime, so some of us decided not to wear our costumes. Each group was provided with little orange coin packages with UNICEF written on them and explained the amount needed to buy first-aid packages for children in need, school supplies, and blankets.

Though the cold weather made it unpleasant to walk around at night, my partner and I enjoyed our time looking at the antique architecture of Oakwood houses while asking for spare change. I have always enjoyed driving through Oakwood and looking and commenting the designs of houses, each so unique in its own way, surrounded with various trees and flowers. This time around, while we were waiting for some change from the master of the house, I actually had time to analyze more in depth, from up close, designs of doors, windows and walls.

Many people, dressed up as different characters, were outside their houses and ready to give out candy for the little children. It was very enjoyable to see all the ideas, decorations and dresses they came up with.. Our trick or treat service project ended up being quite successful - the little orange package was filled with coins and dollar bills. Just recently we began the Halloween tradition back home in Kosovo, mainly due to the influence from abroad, especially from the U.S. Though the trick or treating around the neighborhood is not yet practiced, people have begun to dress up in costumes.

During our Oakwood trick or treating journey, we met a lady who told us that she had done this some forty years ago, telling us that we are dedicating time to a great cause. Some ten years ago me and my fellow Kosovar friends were one of those kids who somewhat benefited from the spare change that was collected from people, so I could not agree more with this lady. I remember that my elementary school, for more than once after the war, would be provided with different school supplies, such as pencils, pens, notebooks, and book bags from UNICEF.

If you are interested in getting yourself, club or school involved in this cause for next year you can look for UNICEF boxes here: